Vincent Wong Doesn’t Want to Recall Kissing Owen Cheung in “Al Cappuccino”

Vincent Wong Doesn't Want to Recall Kissing Owen Cheung in Al Cappuccino

The cast of TVB’s “Al Cappuccino” (反黑路人甲) recently gathered together at a promotional event. The series has already aired more than half way. One of the highlights is the relationship between Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Owen Cheung’s (張振朗) characters. Since the series began filming, the crew has been teasing viewers about their kiss scene, which is said to happen soon.

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Vincent Wong revealed that “Filming kiss scenes with women is a bit awkward, but it’s not awkward doing it with him (Owen Cheung). There was a very abundant plan. We filmed an extra day for this scene. As for how many times they kissed, Vincent Wong said, “I don’t want to recall it.” As for who initiated the kiss, Vincent Wong said, “Me. It was me who charged my head against it. The taste was pretty fresh. Never tried it before.”

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As for Owen Cheung’s reaction during the filming of this scene, he said, “There is no need for a reaction. At the time, I pressed myself not to laugh or else we’d have to film one more time and another day. We’d already laugh before kissing.” When asked if his girlfriend, Renci Yeung, refused to kiss him after he kissed Vincent Wong, Owen Cheung said, “No. A lot of people are also looking forward to the scene. It’s awkward when asked about it.”

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Aside from Vincent Wong and Owen Cheung’s anticipated kiss scene, Vincent Wong also had a daring lip biting kiss scene with Angel Chiang (蔣家旻). Vincent Wong explained, “This action is very suitable for her character because it’s a comedy, so we hope there is a breakthrough with the visual. We discussed it before filming because there are a lot of kiss scenes so we want each character to be different. That’s why there is this moment. It suits her “Big Sister” identity. On whether he did any preparations beforehand, Vincent Wong said, “Have to bear the pain.”

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