Kathy Yuen Reveals Reason for Break Up with Ex-Boyfriend, Ken Hung, For the First Time

Kathy Yuen Reveals Reason for Break Up with Ex-Boyfriend, Ken Hung, For the First Time

Kathy Yuen (湯怡) became known to the public after starring in TVB’s “Al Cappuccino” (反黑路人甲). Even though she has been in the industry for 14 years, her biggest claim to fame was perhaps the very public breakup with her long time singer boyfriend and EEG labelmate, Ken Kung (洪卓立), in 2018. The two were dating for 11 years and when they split, the public was saddened and felt it was a pity. Ken Hung was even in tears when he was first asked about the break up.

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As for Kathy Yuen, she has never spoken about it until she recently went on Terry Leung’s radio show, “Circles” (1圈圈星光背後). Ken Hung and Kathy Yuen were once dubbed as the industry’s “golden couple”. In the radio show, Kathy Yuen revealed that Ken Hung was her first love. She said, “There were boys who confessed to me in Form Three. We were together for 2, 3 months, but we didn’t even hold hands. It was my first time dating with Ken. A lot of people said this was unbelievable.”

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On her first impressions of Ken Hung, Kathy Yuen described him as an even shier person than her. She said, “He doesn’t speak much and his face gets red easily, but at the same time, he is also a very considerate boy. I remember when he released an album and we were filming a promo clip. I had a high fever. He was very sweet and bought medicine for me.”

Kathy Yuen clarified that EEG didn’t break them up. As it turns out, they had already discussed the status of their relationship a year prior to their break up. Kathy Yuen said, “We were together for so many years. There are definitely some problems getting along. In addition, I already reached a certain age at that time (30 years old). That’s not a young age to women. I would think about the future, issues with our career or maybe breaking up for a bit to allow each other to charge forward. This would be good for our growth.”

Despite the break up, Ken Hung and Kathy Yuen are still friends. At the time, there were rumors of a third party leading to their break up. Fellow EEG labelmate and actor, Carlos Chan, was one of the rumored third parties that got involved in their relationship. Kathy Yuen expressed, “When I saw the news, I would laugh. There is no harm to me, but I want to say sorry to them. Ken and I’s relationship really don’t want to get third or fourth parties involved.”

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Before they broke up, the couple tried to improve things for a year, but ultimately decided on splitting. Kathy Yuen said, “No one will know what the future is like. At least if we split apart for while, whether it’d be for ourselves or our families, we don’t want to waste more time.”

Credit: TOPick, Kathy Yuen IG

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