Taiwan’s First Girl Group Survival Show, “DD52”, Debuts 7 Member Girl Group, G.O.F

Taiwan's First Girl Group Survival Show, DD52, Debuts 7 Member Girl Group, G.O.F

The season of survival shows is just about to come to an end. China’s idol industry has been burgeoning the last two years with several renditions of group and solo survival shows being churned out by the major streaming platforms. While netizens are starting to get sick of the shows and want them to focus on promoting the groups they debuted, these shows generate major revenue for the streaming companies and there aren’t any signs of them slowing down.

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Taiwan also got into the survival show craze when it announced back in February they were producing their first girl group survival show called “Dancing Diamond 52” or “DD52” for short. The show debuted in June with its judges panel, Rainie Yang (楊丞琳), Wilber Pan (潘瑋柏) and Chen Handian (陳漢典), who also served as the assistant vocal and dance instructor and different guest judges each episode.

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The show format is quite different from the Korean and Chinese counterparts in that the contestants are assigned to one of the four groups that represents the suits from a deck of cards: PINK FUN (♣粉紅梅花), WHITE DIAMOND (雪鑽石), BLAZE LOVE (烈焰之心), and HURRICANE (♠風暴黑桃).

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The series contained a total of 13 episodes with the finale airing on September 4. Starting out from 104 girls to 52 girls, the final four groups contained 8 girls each. Instead of picking individual contestants for the debut group, the judges only get to choose one of the four groups to debut.

The finale episode invited Taiwanese singers, Jam Hsiao and Waa Wei, to serve as guest judges. The four groups performed the following songs:

HURRICANE: Pain Killer

Based on the scores from the five judges, the 8 members from the BLAZE LOVE group were crowned the champion and debuted in the group, G.O.F (烈焰之心 Girls On Fire), on September 5.

G.O.F’s first digital album was released on September 5 with the physical album to relese on September 29. The 7 members of the group contain: KBAO (葛宸羽), Dolly (謝之絃), Demi (曾薀帆), ZHANA (趙沛晴), Abby (林倖妤), Lisa (呂玟均), and Rebaecca (黃蝶香).

L to R: ABAO, Abby, Dolly, Lisa, Demi, Rebecca, ZHANA

The group’s 8th member, Lena (潘立婕), decided not to debut with the group after the finale aired. She explained her family hopes she can complete her studies first. As such, G.O.F is continuing on with 7 members.

The group also performed one of their songs, “FAIRY TEMPLE”, at their press conference:

Credit: ETtoday, UDN