Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao Officially Tie the Knot

Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao Officially Tie the Knot

Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) and Li Ronghao (李荣浩) have officially gotten married. Li Ronghao proposed to Rainie Yang on his 34th birthday last month after 4-5 years of dating. Netizens said they saw them getting their marriage license in Anhui, China on the 17th. At an event today, Rainie Yang was congratulated by reporters, but she only said, “I know what you guys are looking forward to.” At the end of the interview, she is asked if she went to register for a marriage license in Anhui, Rainie Yang finally admitted it and said, “Yes, I got it the day before yesterday.”, officially making her Mrs. Li.

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As to why they chose the 17th, Rainie Yang said there was no significant reason for choosing that day. They just found a day they were both free and decided to get married. She also clarifies her recent vent about sasaeng fans following her has nothing to do with netizens filming them getting the marriage license.

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The two also shared their obligatory white blouse/red background marriage photos to prove they got the deed done. They included the caption: “We’ve received your blessings. Thank you.”

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Credit: ETtoday, Rainie Yang Weibo