Kathy Yuen Getting Married and Having a Baby with Sisley Choi’s Dancer Ex-Boyfriend, Shing Mak

Kathy Yuen Getting Married and Having a Baby with Sisley Choi's Dancer Ex-Boyfriend, Shing Mak

The 33 year old EEG actress, Kathy Yuen (湯怡), made a surprise announcement on January 25 that she is getting married to dancer, Shing Mak (麥秋成). She also revealed in one of her hashtags that she is pregnant. Kathy Yuen wrote: “To Shing Mak, us, who once brushed past each other, being able to be together is fate, now that we are able to watch over each other, it’s a blessing. Thank you for your presence, which has completed and made my life happy. It is also full of sweetness, color, and joy. Please watch over me for the rest of our lives.” In the hashtag, she wrote, “Us 3”.

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Kathy Yuen Reveals Reason for Break Up with Ex-Boyfriend, Ken Hung, For the First Time

Kathy Yuen previously ended her 11 year relationship with fellow EEG artist, Ken Hung (洪卓立), in 2018. She was rumored to be dating Carlos Chan (陳家樂) after her breakup with Ken Hung, which both denied. Speaking with On.cc, she said they’ve known each other for a while now. They are registering their marriage today and will have a simple wedding next month. They plan to have a wedding banquet after the pandemic is over.

Shing Mak had dated TVB actress, Sisley Choi, in 2014. After dating for a year, the two broke up. Sisley Choi previously mentioned in an interview that she met Shing Mak at a Christmas party after working on a magazine shoot. The make up artist invited her to the party. Shing Mak went over to her and started chatting. Sisley Choi said it was really romantic as he only saw her in the entire event. They became friends first for 9 years before dating. As for the breakup, Sisley Choi explained Shing Mak wanted stability and to take care of her. She had just started out in the entertainment industry and didn’t want to settle down so fast.

In 2019, Shing Mak was rumored to be dating Angel Chiang (蔣家旻). However, she denied the rumors and said she was just his dance student.

Credit: hk.on.cc, hk01, Kathy Yuen IG