Yang Yang Claps Back at Comments Criticizing His Make-up Artist and His Eyebrows

Yang Yang Claps Back at Comments Criticizing His Make-up Artist and His Eyebrows

Yang Yang (杨洋) is known for his thick and bold looking brows. He was recently on the cover of BAZAAR magazine and his make-up artist reposted the pictures. However, some of Yang Yang’s fans started criticizing the make-up artist for botching Yang Yang’s eyebrows and making him look “ugly”. They left comments saying, “Made him look really ugly with your make up”, “With his eyebrows drawn like this, if I were you, I wouldn’t dare to repost it”, and more.

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One particular fan wrote, “Make-up artist Zhang, after working for so long together and you seldom repost Yang Yang’s Weibo. It has been really hard on you. Your position is too high, your skills are too superb. Yue Kai Entertainment is not worthy of you. I think you can change jobs to an even better work partner. Let go of Yang Yang’s eyebrows, okay?”

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The make-up artist, responded back on January 19, “Is there something wrong with you?”. On January 25, Yang Yang left a comment saying, “Then why don’t you come and do my make up for me?”. He left another comment saying, “I’ll say one more thing. I kindly ask you guys to please respect all my collaboration partners. This type of pickiness is really too much.”

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Yang Yang continued responding to these comments. One person said, “? The eyebrows are ugly and we can’t talk about it?” Yang Yang responded, “Obstructed your eyes, my parents gave birth to me like this.” One person said, “So ugly.” Yang Yang responded, “Our relationship is that I create, you enjoy. You don’t like it, then unfollow.”

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8 thoughts on “Yang Yang Claps Back at Comments Criticizing His Make-up Artist and His Eyebrows

  1. Yang Yang and ugly should not go in a sentence together! He is the finest looking man I’ve seen in my entire life!!! And his brows..stuff of my dreams. These antis probably look like a hybrid of E.T and a lizard. SMH.

    1. Exactly…. Some of his fans have a strange eyes for not seeing the beauty in him, they complain too much and act like a “king” dumb*ss.

  2. Leave the guy alone radical fans. Stop the criticism. Nobody’s perfect and it’s not his job to please everyone. Just enjoy & appreciate his good looks, acting, dancing, singing talents, etc. It’s a good thing he’s very private with his own personal life. Shame to those people who pry on everything about him.

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