Wu Jinyan Sacrifices Her Body for “The Legend of Hao Lan”

Wu Jinyan Sacrifices Her Body for "The Legend of Hao Lan"

Wu Jinyan’s (吳謹言) new series, “The Legend of Hao Lan” (皓鑭傳) has been creating quite some buzz, but it’s not as positive as people would expect given the success of “Story of Yanxi Palace” (延禧攻略). In the first episode of the new series, Wu Jinyan was heavily criticized for her “poor acting.” The particular scene in question talked about how Wu Jinyan was grieving and heartbroken over the murder of her mother by her stepmother. Wu Jinyan was screaming heavily, but didn’t leave any tears, which prompted netizens to say her acting was not up to par.

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Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Wu Jinyan’s costar in “Yanxi”, came to her defense saying, “She is a very hard working actor. She’s very diligent and has improved a lot. She will also listen to other people’s opinions. She is a good acting partner.” Wu Jinyan might have won the hearts of netizens again as there was a recent clip circulating on Weibo showing Wu Jinyan revealing her shoulder and neck. In the video, there are ten live scorpions crawling all over her shoulder and neck. Each of the scorpions are about as big as a thumb. You can also hear someone off camera who is saying there is more scorpions in the bucket, seemingly to add more if necessary.

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A netizen reveals the assistant director had actually prepared a body double during the filming for this scene, but Wu Jinyan insisted on filming it. When it came close to filming this scene, they were prepared to put fake scorpions instead, but Wu Jinyan was firm on not using a body double or the fake scorpions. Once the director shouted “Cut!”, she quickly brushed off scorpions. However, this netizen said Wu Jinyan didn’t flinch once during filming, making her a new fan of the actress.”

Credit: ETtoday.net