Tony Hung Rumored to be Dating Model, Inez Leong

Tony Hung Rumored to be Dating Model, Inez Leong

Rising TVB actor, Tony Hung (洪永城), hasn’t been in a relationship since breaking up with actress, Natalie Tong, over a year ago.  However, that might change as he was recently seen with model, Inez Leong (梁諾妍), spending the night at his Sai Kung home and only leaving the next day.  

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The 35 year old actor was once rumored to be getting back together with Natalie Tong, but the two denied it.  It is said Tony Hung, who likes running, met Inez Leong through marathon events.  When reporters discovered the two leaving Tony Hung’s home, he originally headed for the nearest subway station to drop off Inez Leong, but turned his car around and headed for the TV station instead.  While Tony Hung appeared calm and collected, Inez Leong was looked a bit embarrassed.  

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When reporters asked about Inez Leong staying over and them two dating, Tony Hung says, “Stop filming, you’ll scare her.”  Tony Hung was seen constantly protecting Inez Leong from the lens of the reporters.  Inez Leong got on a separate car and ignored the questions from the reporters.  

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Tony Hung appeared at the studio to film the next day.  Reporters asked how long the two were dating, Tony Hung laughs and says, “We’re getting to know each other.”  When asked about Inez Leong having a boyfriend of two years back in Beijing, Tony Hung replies, “As far as I know, she doesn’t have one.”  On how the two met, he says, “Give us some space.”  When asked if they met through running, Tony Hung says, “She is a running instructor.  You guys followed her all the way to Central, you should already know.  She opened her own fitness center.  Don’t scare her off.”  

When asked about Tony Hung’s new dating rumors, Natalie Tong responds, “I won’t say much about this, but I do congratulate him on his happiness and hope he is happy!”  

Credit: (1, 2), Tony Hung IG, Inez Leong IG