Mario Maurer in New Film, “77 Heartwarmings,” starring Charlene Choi and Pakho Chau

Mario Maurer Jeana Ho New Film 77 Heartwarmings

Thai heartthrob actor, Mario Maurer, is in a new Hong Kong rom-com film called “77 Heartwarmings” (感動她77次), starring Charlene Choi (蔡卓研) and Pakho Chau (周柏豪).  The film is a sequel to the Herman Yau directed original, “77 Heartbreaks” (原諒他77次).  Mario Maurer did an interview with and talked about his character being an international superstar that is an optimistic person and full of passion.  He also revealed some interesting tidbits about his affinity for Hong Kong.  

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Charlene Choi revealed, “He is a cutie.  He likes to buy toys in Mongkok.”  It’s also revealed Mario Maurer is a big fan of Hong Kong cinema.  He reveals, “I’ve watched a lot of Hong Kong actors’ performance.”  When asked who he has watched, using Mandarin, Mario Maurer says, “Stephen Chow (周星馳) and Ng Man Tat (吳孟達).”  He says, “When I was a teenager, I watched a lot of Hong Kong films, a lot were about gangsters.  I watched the entire “Young and Dangerous” (古惑仔) series.”  When asked how many of the films he saw, he said, “All of them, but in the Thai version.  To me, watching it in Cantonese is too hard.”  The reporters ask him once again that he watched the entire series.  Mario Maurer proves it by saying, “Yes, from the first movie to the sixth movie.”

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“He is my idol!

Jeana Ho (何佩瑜), who plays his manager, has a lot of scenes with Mario Maurer.  On her first impression of him, Jeana Ho says, “I just found out we’re both 29 this year.  He’s also very cute.  His face is very comfortable and easy on the eyes.  He is my idol!”  Jeana Ho also reveals when they first met, Mario Maurer gave her a piece of roast pig.  She says, “I told him Hong Kong’s roast pig is very good.  When he went to get it, he also got me a piece to give to me.  Our first interaction was through roast pig.  I hear he is a very popular in Thailand.  I am so envious of Thai fans.”  

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