Charlene Choi Learns to Pole Dance for “The Lady Improper”

Charlene Choi Learns to Pole Dance for "The Lady Improper"

Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), the other half of the Hong Kong duo, Twins, has reached new heights in her movie career. She plays a woman who is still a virgin after five years of marriage to her husband, played by Taiwanese actor, Chris Wu (吳慷仁). Because of this, her marriage is seriously affected. In the movie trailer, Charlene Choi bares her back while pleasuring herself. There will also be a scene where she tries to seduce Chris Wu. She also tries to reinvent herself by learning how to pole dance.

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Charlene Choi Learns to Pole Dance for "The Lady Improper"

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She reveals she didn’t know she was injured when they filmed the scene. It was only when her legs were bruised up and her toes were bleeding did she learn of her injuries. Charlene Choi also shares she wasn’t daring enough to wear the sexy dance clothes at first. She says, “I wore gym shorts in the first class. I saw all the students wearing those dancing clothes, I was really embarrassed.” On whether she would continue learning pole dance for her boyfriend, she expresses, “Not everything has to be thought about in such a way. It is actually a form of exercise.”

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Charlene Choi Learns to Pole Dance for "The Lady Improper"

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On earlier reports about her cooperating if her boyfriend, Anthony (石恆聰), wants to get married, she clarified, “What I said was that my condition is very good right now. We don’t know what will happen in the future. We’ll decide later. The gods will tell you what to do. I won’t be impulsive.” When asked if she would hide her marriage this time like her previous marriage to ex-husband, Ronald Cheng (鄭中基), she says, “No, I already fell for the trap once. I wish to get everyone’s blessings.”

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