Nick Chou Appears in Resurrection Battle in Next Episode of “Rap of China”

Nick Chou Rap of China Resurrection Match

Fan favorite Nick Chou was eliminated and received fourth place in the recent episode of “Rap of China”《中國新說唱》.  This left a lot of fans upset.  However, in the latest trailer for the next episode of “Rap of China”, Nick is seen in the resurrection battle with five other eliminated contestants.  Whoever wins this match will get a ticket to advance to the finals.  

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The contestants in the resurrection episode include, Xiao Qinglong (小青龍), Mansuk (滿舒克), JelloRio (李佳隆), Nick Chou (周湯豪), Air (艾熱), Wang Yitai (王以太).  In the trailer, the five coaches are also present and praise the six contestants are all full of talent.  G.E.M(鄧紫棋) and Wilber Pan (潘瑋柏) appear anguished and hurt, while MC Hot Dog is shown saying, “This is very extreme!”  

Nick Chou Eliminated from “Rap of China” Semi-final

Watch the trailer for the resurrection match:

Credit: iQiyi and THE Entertainment Youtube Channel

However, before the episode aired, netizens who attended the filming of the show already revealed the winner of the resurrection match on Weibo.  This person claims the winner of the match is Air (艾熱).  Some are skeptical of the rumors and insist on watching the episode to see the results for themselves.  

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Air was matched up against Lexie Liu (劉柏辛) in the previous episode.  Due to his lower popularity, Air received 0 points and was sent to the elimination area.  This left many in shock as his performance, lyrics, and voice have always been filled with emotion.  In the semi-final match, four judges gave the last ticket to female contestant, Lexie Liu.  This left G.E.M and Wilber Pan extremely unsatisfied and exclaimed, “How can he get 0 points?”. 

You’ll have to tune into the next episode to see who truly wins the resurrection math to advance to the finals. 


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