Air Wins Season 2 of “Rap of China”

Rap of China Finale Season 2 Winner Air

The finale of Season 2 of the “Rap of China” (中國新說唱) aired on October 6 and the winner is Air (艾熱)!  The show, which was filmed on September 27th, had three rounds.  The fans votes will determine who gets to advance the next round.  Lexie (劉柏辛), who went up against Air, was the first contestant eliminated in the first round, with 28% of the votes.  The second round determines the third place winner and the person who would battle it out for first place in the final round.  Based on the previous round of votes, the second and third place rankings were LIL-EM (那吾克熱) and ICE.

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Round Two

The important vote came down to MC Hot Dog and A-Yue Chang (張震嶽).  MC Hot Dog said there was no way to choose between the two, so he used style to determine the winner.  In the end he chose LIL-EM to advance to the final round to battle against Air.  Before ICE left the stage, he rapped without any accompanying track, getting the crowd cheering so loud like it was thunder.  G.E.M expressed, “That day, Wilber Pan and I chose to send you to the finals because we wanted your family to come see you.  Today, I can really feel how proud your mother is right now.”

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G.E.M gets emotional and says, “In their hearts (pointing to ICE’s family and fans) and our hearts, you are the champion!”  ICE left the stage teary eyed with the fans also getting emotional and crying.  

Round Three

In the final round, Air and LIL-EM, who are both rappers from Xinjiang, finally face each other.  The winner was determined by 50% of the votes from the coaches, with each group getting 51 votes, and the other 50% determined by a hundred former contestants of the show, who each get one vote.  

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Air went first and performed new song, “新三部曲”.   LIL-EM performed “水滴石穿”.  When it came to the former contestants voting, Al Rocco, who used to be on the same team with LIL-EM under coach, Kris Wu (吴亦凡), gave his vote to Air.  When Wang Yitai (王以太) voted, he said to Air, “You gave me this chain.”  Air was touched by this.  After one hundred rappers voted, Air received 75 votes and LIL-EM received 25.

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As for the coaches voting, Air, who received 153 votes, beat out LIL-EM’s 100 votes, becoming the 2018 “Rap of China” champion.