Crystal Fung Drops Hints to Boyfriend to Propose

Crystal Fung Halloween Event Boyfriend Proposal

The 2016 Miss Hong Kong winner, Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), who was in the hot seat recently for her “public restroom” comments, attended a Halloween event with fellow Miss Hong Kong, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) today.  It turns out Crystal Fung and her boyfriend’s dating anniversary lands on the exact day of Halloween.  When asked if she wants her boyfriend to propose in the Haunted Playhouse, she says, “Hes’s normally not that romantic.  I hope after he sees this news, he’ll be inspired and know what to do!”  Crystal Fung also reveals that the holiday has become more romantic ever since she and her boyfriend got together. 

Crystal Fung and Doctor Boyfriend Split Up

As for the recent news on TVB laying off workers and closing off Studio 16, Crystal Fung says, “Maybe I was too noisy and was complained about.  As one of the last person to work in Studio 16, I took the opportunity to take more pictures for memories.”  When asked if she is worried about artists getting laid off, she says, “I am a bit sad.  I hope the impacted employees can quickly find a job.  I will continue working hard.”  

Credit: Ming Pao, Crystal Fung IG