Sammul Chan Promotes “Elite Brigade IV,” Not Worried about China’s “Salary Ban”

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Former TVB actor, Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒), was at a promotional event today for RTHK’s new series “Elite Brigade IV” (火速救兵IV).  Stephen Au (歐錦棠), who is part of the series, says there was a scene where he was hanging from a building thirteen stories high to put out a fire.  The director was willing to use CGI, but Stephen Au said it would lose the authenticity of the scene, so he decided to do the scene for real.

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As it was his first time portraying a firefighter, Sammul Chan revealed there are showering scenes in the series.  That is why he had to work out first.  When asked if he had to go into the fire, Sammul says, “No, I didn’t have to.  I am part of the search and rescue team and responsible for any explosions.  It’s still a tough and brave job.  As for Shirley Yeung (楊思琦), she plays a rescued victim in the series.  She hopes if there is another sequel to the “Elite Brigades” series, she could play a firefighter next time. 

When China’s “Salary Ban” was mentioned, Sammul Chan, who has been working primarily in China in recent years, says he’s not impacted.  Sammul Chan says, “I’ve always been worth the use, good to use, and well used.  Us low level actors won’t reach ten zeros.  So to me, there is no impact.  I have a reasonable price.  At the end of the month, I have to go back to China.  Actually, there’s a lot of talk.  When someone says you’re expensive, everyone goes to adjust things.  If you can’t accept it, then don’t do it.  A lot of things are discussed.  I think the production costs and the actors’ fees need to be balanced.  If all the money went to the actors, then the production budget will be a lot less.  This will impact the production quality, so everything should be focused on the series first.

Shirley Yeung, who doesn’t know what to do yet, says, “The most important thing is to focus on the situation.  I’ll have to inquire about it.”  When asked if she would lower her price, she says, “Right now, I’ll still have the same price, because I am receiving the wages after taxes.  If we’re talking about my price before taxes, then I’ll have to increase it.”  

Credit: Apple Daily, RTHK Facebook