Is Sammul Chan Studying to Become a Priest?

Is Sammul Chan Studying to Become a Priest?

Hong Kong actor Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒), has focused his career in mainland China in recent years. The last Hong Kong series he participated in was RTHK’s “Elite Brigade IV” (火速救兵IV) from 2018. He was on a radio show in Hong Kong today and revealed he will be going to Ningbo, China next month to film a movie. Sammul Chan, who is a Christian, also revealed he had already applied to study theology remotely from a school in Chicago. The degree will take four years to complete. He reveals that five generations of his family are all Christians. Aside from fulfilling his parent’s wish for him to get a degree, he says he is just responding to God’s calling.

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Sammul Chan expresses, “There is more homework than I expected for theological courses. I will take the opportunity to read while in between takes. It’ll cost around tens of thousands of dollars for four years. (Is your goal to become a priest?) Not necessarily. I’m trying to broaden my horizons, allow myself to experience different things. I selected to study about missionary work. Priest is just a title. The more I know, the more I can share with people. (People around you support it?) Family members, my church, and friends all support it.”

When asked if the theological courses will conflict with his line of work, Sammul Chan reveals, “All these years, I don’t particularly take on roles that deal with God, the supernatural, or evil characters. (What about characters that curse?) It’s not that good. I will consider roles based on whether it will affect people.”

Credit:, Apple Daily HK, Sammul Chan Weibo