Lin Chiling and EXILE’s AKIRA Announce Marriage

Lin Chiling and EXILE's AKIRA Announce Marriage

All hopes of a Jerry Yan (言承旭)-Lin Chiling (林志玲) reconciliation have been dashed as the Taiwanese actress announced on social media that she and AKIRA (Ryōhei Kurosawa), a member from J-Pop/R&B group, EXILE, got married today. It’s reported the two registered their marriage in Taipei today and then flew to Tokyo to register their marriage there. Afterwards, they flew to Los Angeles, seemingly for their honeymoon. According to the Taiwanese media, Lin Chiling is not pregnant, but was rumored to have frozen her eggs when she turned 40. The two are seven years apart with Lin Chiling turning 45 years old this year and AKIRA turning 38 years old. She also emphasized she would continue with her career and charity work after marriage and possibly starting a family.

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Lin Chiling Says She is not Jerry Yan’s Girlfriend

This is a shock to many as there were still fans hoping for a Jerry Yan and Lin Chiling reconciliation after 17 years of their on and off relationship. The chances of the two reconciling were already slim when Lin Chiling denied being the girlfriend Jerry Yan thanked at his Japan fan meeting when she was asked about it last November. Lin Chiling maintained she was single and even wished Jerry Yan well.

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Lin Chiling posted a message on her IG today saying, “Love and courage. I got married. Having everyone’s love and support all along, I am very fortunate. To every lovely one of you, let us be happy together.”

As for AKIRA, he posted a lengthy message on his IG sharing his love for Lin Chiling. He also reposted Lin Chiling’s Weibo post and included a caption in Chinese saying, “I will make you happy for a lifetime.”

How they met

Lin Chiling and AKIRA met 8 years ago while performing as a couple in the “Red Cliff -Love-” musical. According to AKIRA, their friendship turned into something more last year and they started dating in 2018 for six months before deciding to get married. Lin Chiling had said, “We have been friends for many years. Time has allowed us to get closer. We started dating last year with the goal of getting married in mind.”

It’s reported they chose to get married on June 6 as this is the same day AKIRA joined EXILE 13 years ago. Even though Lin Chiling is Taiwanese, she knows Japanese as she had once promoted her career in Japan before. It’s said she communicates with AKIRA in Japanese end English with some simple Chinese thrown into the mix.

Jerry Yan sends his blessings

Sina Ent had contacted Jerry Yan’s manager, who told them he was filming in Beijing right now. However, he did reveal that when he told him about the news, Jerry Yan was first shocked and expressed, “Really?”. His manager confirmed it and Jerry gave his blessings and congratulated the couple. All this happening together is quite unexpected as Jerry Yan’s other model ex-girlfriend, Jessica Chang (張熙恩) had recently said “He loved Lin Chiling the most.” Once the marriage news got out, Jerry Yan’s name start trending on Weibo. Many netizens left comments such as “Why isn’t the groom Jerry Yan?”

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