Lin Chiling Reveals It was AKIRA’s Idea to Have Wedding in Her Hometown, Tainan

Lin Chiling Reveals It was AKIRA's Idea to Have Wedding in Her Hometown, Tainan

After announcing their marriage in June, Lin Chiling and AKIRA held their wedding on November 17 in her hometown, Tainan, at the Tainan Art Museum. Before starting the wedding, the couple recited their vows outside the Wu Ancestral Hall. AKIRA said his in Chinese and ended it with “I Love You” to Lin Chiling. The two were teary eyed while reciting their vows. The wedding festivities continued at the Silks Place Hotel where the couple hosted over 100 of their guests in an after party.

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Once they moved into the venue, AKIRA had some words to say. He started off saying in Chinese, “Extremely thankful to everyone for coming to our wedding.” Then he explained in Japanese that he wanted to use Japanese to sincerely express this thoughts. He expressed, “My wife and I just said our vows at the Wu Ancestral Hall. Having the wedding in Tainan is because this place is full of memories for Chiling, dad, mom, and family. When it was decided to have the wedding here, my wife was extremely happy. Being able to see everyone and become a family, I am deeply grateful from the bottom of my heart. As husband and wife, we will move forward with happiness. Aside from responsibility, choosing to have the wedding here, even though it might not have sufficient meaning, we hope to bring gratitude and spread it to everyone. Surpass cultural and ethnic differences and treat this place as full of love.”

AKIRA, Lin Chiling with Wang Lee Hom’s wife, Li Jinglei

Lin Chiling’s studio also issued a joint statement from her and AKIRA saying that it was actually AKIRA who suggested to have the wedding in Tainan being that it had so much significance for her and her family.

As this was a major event, there were plenty of citizens who were camped outside the wedding venue. When reporters asked where they were going for their honeymoon, Lin Chiling looked at her husband and seemed to be looking for affirmation on whether it was okay to reveal it. She then said it was a secret. Reporters then asked when they’re having children, Lin Chiling responded, “I will work hard!”. An ETtoday reporter said, “Today!”, to which Lin Chiling responded, “Please pray together.”

Congratulations to Lin Chiling and AKIRA! They truly look happy and blessed to have found each other.

Credit: ETtoday (1, 2), Lin Chiling Weibo

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