Lin Chiling Says She is not Jerry Yan’s Girlfriend

Lin Chiling Jerry Yan Instagram

Taiwanese model and actress, Lin Chiling (林志玲), was in Macau today for a promotional event.  When asked if she will be spending Christmas with any male partners, she says, “It’s pretty impossible.  There’s not enough time.”  When asked if she wants to find a partner, she said, “If there is someone suitable, I hope so too, probably next year.  This topic has been talked about for over ten years.  You can’t force it.  It all depends on fate.  I enjoy being single right now.  I have my own time and also can look forward to spending time with two people.” 

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When asked if she was the girlfriend her on and off again ex-boyfriend, Jerry Yan (言承旭), publicly thanked at his recent Japan fan meeting, Chiling laughed and said in Cantonese, “It probably wasn’t me.”  Then she switched back to Mandarin and said, “I wish him well and congratulate him.”   

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Lin Chiling is turning 44 years old at the end of the month.  On getting older, she says, “Every year passes by really quickly.  You have to live in the moment.  Treasure right now.”  As for her birthday wish, she wants to do more charity work and even go back to school for further training in performing arts. 

Credit: Apple Daily, Lin Chiling IG

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