Taiwanese Model Admits to Dating Jerry Yan for Two Years

Taiwanese Model Admits to Dating Jerry Yan for Two Years

Taiwanese celebrity Jerry Yan (言承旭) has always been very low key about his personal life. His high profile on-and-off relationship with Lin Chiling (林志玲) has always been under public scrutiny throughout the years. While the two have never directly confirmed their relationship, they’ve been caught together before through eyewitness accounts and pictures. At a Japan fan meeting last October, Jerry Yan thanked his girlfriend for being there for him. However, chances for her to be Lin Chiling were shot down when she denied being his girlfriend the following month.

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Aside from Lin Chiling, there was another ex-girlfriend of Jerry Yan’s who was under public scrutiny. Taiwanese model, Jessica Chang (張熙恩), claims she and Jerry Yan dated for two years from 2015 to 2017. The two were once caught vacationing in the US together in 2015. Jerry Yan once referred to Jessica Chang as “a very, very important friend.” At the time, his statement was interpreted as an admission of love. Four years later, the couple are no longer together, but Jessica Chang recounted details of their relationship at a recent event, including their current relationship status.

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The 36 year old model once had a moniker as the “Taiwanese Cheon Song-yi”. She has done cameos and small parts in a few Taiwanese idol series. At the event, she stated Jerry Yan was injured at the time. She accompanied him while he was at his lowest. At the time, wedding rumors were being circulated by the public. While Jessica Chang says she once wanted to marry Jerry Yan during the high point of their relationship, they refuted the rumors and clarified he never proposed to her. She also says she felt inferior and questioned whether it was because she wasn’t successful or famous enough, which is why Jerry Yan never admitted to dating her.

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Later on, Jessica Chang realized she was overthinking it. She realized Jerry Yan was just a very private person. During their relationship, there weren’t too many arguments. Jessica Chang says Jerry Yan was a very good man and wouldn’t control her. He allowed her to do her own thing. As for the reason for their break up, she says they spent more time apart than together. Aside from her being herself too much, she also said she wanted a relationship where she can “publicly hold hands.”

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Jessica Chang emphasizes she can understand Jerry Yan wanting to protect his family and other things. Even though the two are no longer together, she says they still keep in contact. She says their relationship right now is like family members. She also shares that Jerry Yan had once secretly asked a friend to help him buy Jessica Chang’s book to support her and asked that his identity not to be revealed. She felt very touched by his gesture.

Credit: ETtoday.net, Jerry Yan Weibo, Jessica Chang FB

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