Mario Ho Proposes to Model Girlfriend, Ming Xi

Congratulations are in order for Macau casino tycoon, Stanley Ho’s son with his fourth wife, Mario Ho (24), and his girlfriend, Ming Xi (30) as he proposed to the US-based Chinese model in Shanghai today! Mario Ho proposed to Ming Xi after dating over a year. The two started dating after being paired on a Chinese dating reality show in 2017. It’s said Mario Ho cleared out three floors of a mall in Shanghai, owned by his mother, Angela Leong and decorated the venue with 99,999 roses. He went down on bended knee and asked Ming Xi, “Remember when we were in Macau and I asked you if there was a possibility we could be together? Today, the question has turned into, “Little Ming”, you think we can be together forever? Ming Xi, marry me?” Ming Xi nodded her head and Mario Ho faced the crowd and said, “She said yes!”

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Mario Ho posted on Weibo and said, “The preparations from yesterday lasted until 5 AM. Luckily, I took “Little Ming’s” cell phone or else this over month long surprise would’ve been spoiled by you guys.” Once the news of the proposal got out, it quickly shot up as the #1 topic trending on the Weibo hot search list. Shortly afterwards, “Is Ming Xi pregnant?” started trending and took over the #1 spot. The pregnancy rumors started last month when a flight attendant claims she overheard Mario Ho saying Ming Xi was pregnant on a flight. Mario Ho had quickly denied those rumors. However, netizens are still questioning the pregnancy as they claim Ming Xi’s stomach was a little protruding from the proposal pictures. If the pregnancy rumors are true, it would be “triple happiness” as Mario Ho’s older sister, Sabrina Ho, is also pregnant.

Credit:, Weibo (1, 2)

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