Elva Hsiao Denies Contracting AIDS

Elva Hsiao Surfaces After “Disappearing” for 144 Days

Taiwanese singer, Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒), celebrated Mother’s Day with a public plea to the press to cease spreading vile rumors about her having AIDS. The initial rumors started in 2017 when she took a temporary break from her career. For almost a year and a half, she stayed low and wasn’t active on social media either. During this time, there were many news being reported about Elva Hsiao being sick and even going as far as saying she has AIDS. For whatever reason, the AIDS rumors were spreading again on mother’s day. Her team had already said the rumors are fake. However, Elva Hsiao had enough and went to Instagram to address the media.

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Her post reads:

I originally thought the rumors would end upon the ears of wise people. I also believe in the principle behind the idiom “silence is golden.” That’s why I’ve been laughing at the previous AIDS rumors circulating on the internet.

However, during the time where I am missing my mother the most, on Mother’s Day, the media once again wrote similar articles again without proof. It made me both sad and sorry to my mother because this rumor isn’t just hurting me anymore, it’s hurting my mother even more!

When silence becomes “scared”, I decided to no longer stay silent for my mother! I have decided to take legal action against the media outlets who haven’t verified their reports for ruining my reputation. I hope everyone will stop hurting my mother!

I will also try my best to find the original source of these rumors because you are hiding behind the keyboard. If you are not stopped, a lot more innocent people will be hurt.

Lastly, It’s not that I don’t want to give the best performance to everyone as soon as possible, but the issues with my throat and stomach this year has caused me to vomit. The doctor said it can only be slowly adjusted, so I can only patiently wait and allow myself to quickly become better. Thank you to all my fans. Don’t worry! Love, Elva.”

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Credit: ETtoday.net, Elva Hsiao IG