F4 Finally Reunited After 7 Years…Sorta

F4 Finally Reunited After 7 Years...Sorta

Fans were ecstatic when Jiangsu TV announced the original F4, consisting of Jerry Yan (言承旭), Vic Zhou (周渝民), Ken Zhu (朱孝天), and Vanness Wu (吳建豪), were reuniting for their “1,001 Nights” (一千零一夜) gala on October 30. This would be their first public reunion since 2013’s Jiangsu TV Spring Festival performance.

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The group performed two songs, “Meteor Rain” (流星雨) and “Di Yi Shi Jian” (第一時間). However, something looked amiss when they zoomed into each member during the live stream. As it turns out, Vanness Wu was the only one present at the event, while Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, and Ken Zhu’s performances were edited into the clip.

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When performing the second song, “Di Yi Shi Jian”, Vanness Wu introduced the group, “Hello everyone! We are F4.” Jerry Yan said, “Is there a meteor shower in your city tonight?”. Vic Zhou said, “Very happy F4 left a mark in your youth. Thank you everyone for your support and attention to F4.” Ken Zhu said, “Thank you Jiangsu TV for letting F4 gather together once again. Thank you everyone for your accompaniment.” Afterwards, Vanness Wu said, “Hope this song can evoke everyone’s memories, “Di Yi Shi Jian”. Hope you guys like it.”

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Even though the four members couldn’t gather together in person, the event was still nostalgic for fans.


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