Ken Chu Unaware Barbie Hsu was Setting Him Up with Dee Hsu

Ken Chu Unaware Barbie Hsu was Setting Him Up with Dee Hsu

On Kevin Tsai’s (蔡康永) new show, “To Be Honest”《恕我直言》, which aired it’s first episode on the 20th, Barbie Hsu (大S) reveals how she set up Ken Chu (朱孝天) with her sister, Dee Hsu (小S).  The two stars talked a lot about “Meteor Garden”《流星花園》and the old days.  Ken revealed Barbie told him on a few occasions to take Dee out to the movies and he thought she was cute the first time he saw her. 

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Barbie revealed back in the days, she tried to set up Dee and Ken.  Dee knew about this, but Ken didn’t.  Barbie also reveals she would tell Ken to take Dee out on a date, go to the movies, but alas, the two didn’t hit it off.  When this was revealed, Ken was shocked as he was not aware he was being set up with Dee, surprising everyone else present.  Ken kept asking Barbie to confirm she was really trying to set them up back then, because he was in disbelief.

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Barbie explains she knew Ken was not interested and that he was weird thats why she stopped setting them up.  Ken exclaimed, “I didn’t know about this at all.  I didn’t even have those intentions.”  Barbie also reveals she asked Dee how the dates went and she revealed, “Ken is a bit slow and he’s not into me.”

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Ken Chu Unaware Barbie Hsu was Setting Him Up with Dee Hsu

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When it came to talking about Zai Zai (Vic Chou, 周渝民), Barbie exclaimed, “You can talk about Zai Zai, but you can’t talk about Zai Zai and I.”  Ken swooped in and replied to Kevin, “You can talk about Zai Zai with me.”  When Ken was revealing who Barbie was dating during the “Meteor Garden” days, Barbie exclaims she was single at the time, making the audience burst into laughter.  

Years later, Dee is already married and a mom of three children.  Ken married Chinese actress, Han Wenwen (韓雯雯), in 2016 and are very much in love.  

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