Barbie Hsu’s Ex-Boyfriend Surprises Her on “Friends on the Go”

Barbie Hsu's Ex-Boyfriend Surprises Her on "Friends on the Go"

Tencent’s variety show, “Friends on the Go” (我们是真正的朋友), talks about four good friends, Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛), Dee Hsu (徐熙娣), Aya Liu (阿雅), and Mavis Fan (范曉萱), traveling through Yangon, Myanmar. In the ninth episode that aired this week, Taiwanese artist, Blackie Chen (陳建州), surprised the four friends at the Horseshoe Island in Myanmar. His appearance resulted in major bear hugs from Barbie Hsu and Dee Hsu.

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Once Barbie Hsu saw Blackie Chen approach, she shouted “Chien Chou!” (建州). Blackie Chen says hi to everyone and asks, “Are you guys waiting for me?” Once Dee Hsu sees him, she charges at him to hug him and being the extra person that she is, says “spin me around, spin me around!” Blackie Chen accommodates her request and says, “This greeting is a bit too sudden!” It’s Barbie Hsu to hug him next and he responds, “This is too grand!” The two Hsu sisters have already known Blackie Chen for over 20 years.

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Once the show aired, there were a lot of discussions about the Hsu sisters and Blackie Chen among netizens. As it turns out, Barbie Hsu and Blackie Chen used to date! Fans left comments such as “Wasn’t Barbie Hsu Blackie Chen’s first love?”, “It turns out they really dated.”

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Blackie Chen’s wife, Fan Fan (范瑋琪) once went on Dee Hsu’s old show, “Kangsi Coming” (康熙來了) and revealed Barbie Hsu was Blackie Chen’s ex-girlfriend. Fan Fan revealed before she and Blackie Chen were dating, he had once brought Barbie Hsu with him to pick her up at the airport. He said he wanted to introduce his good friend, Barbie Hsu to Fan Fan. Barbie Hsu was sitting at the back and said she wanted to observe Fan Fan and see how she looked. At the time, she didn’t know Barbie Hsu and Blackie Chen had dated. It wasn’t until later Blackie Chen told her about it. Fan Fan expressed she didn’t mind at all and wasn’t jealous. On the flip side, she actually thought it was pretty good that he was able to maintain such a good relationship with his ex-girlfriend. In the end, Fan Fan became good friends with the Hsu sisters.

Fan Fan shares the story around 21:23:

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