Vicky Chan was Once Offered Money to be a Mistress

Vicky Chan Was Once Offered Money to Be a Mistress

Great things are happening for TVB actress, Vicky Chan (陳偉琪), who currently plays “Jenny”, in “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold” (愛.回家之開心速遞). Aside from her growing popularity as an actress, she is also an MC, and a harpist, who will be competing for a chance to appear in Hollywood at the WCOPA finals in July. Known for her voluptuous body and the seductive characters she portrays, she reveals she is often asked for a “price” and invited to “dinner parties” (飯局) with wealthy men. While she has never entertained these offers, Vicky Chan has been noticed to be driving expensive cars, wearing expensive jewelry, and traveling often. She recently moved into a standalone 1,000 feet Sai Kung property.

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Many wondered whether Vicky Chan’s lavish lifestyle was attributed to her wealthy family. However, Vicky Chan denies it and says she comes from a comfortable family. She reveals her father was in the trading business, but has been retired for several years now. Vicky Chan, an only child, says she has always hoped to use her own efforts to make money ever since she was young. During her college years, she depended on scholarships and working part time in hopes to take off some of the burden from her parents.

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When asked about being invited to dinner parties, Vicky Chan reveals, “I am often asked and the prices are very high! It’s very funny. I immediately block them or tell them I am not interested or I won’t do it. The highest ever was 8 million HKD. I don’t know for how long because I didn’t inquire about it. It might be because when I first started out, the characters I portrayed were a bit fiery or not giving a good impression.” When asked if she felt uncomfortable about being misunderstood, she said, “I don’t have a choice with the characters. Even though I feel very helpless, but I will insist on being myself, like playing basketball, playing the harp and wait for everyone to slowly know the real me.”

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