Vicky Chan Calls Out Haters to Stop Body Shaming Her

Vicky Chan Calls Out Haters to Stop Body Shaming Her

TVB actress, Vicky Chan (陳偉琪), is known for her curvy body. She has previously revealed that she has dealt with body image and weight issues all her life. She was 170 pounds at her heaviest, but lost almost 60 pounds and weighed at 112 pounds when she joined the Miss Hong Kong pageant.

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Vicky Chan had previously revealed to, “The craziest I’ve done was not eat for an entire month. I would only eat a piece of lettuce when I really couldn’t take it. I was at 98 pounds at that time and my skinniest record. But losing weight like this makes your face look really haggard. You don’t look pretty at all and it’s very unhealthy. Once you eat again, you will balloon very quickly. So don’t be like me. There are no shortcuts to losing weight. If you want to stay pretty and healthy while losing weight, you must have a balanced diet and exercise.”

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Because she might not be as slim as other Hong Kong actresses or considered thin by Hong Kong standards, she is constantly referred to as “fat” or “fat lady” (肥婆) in the series, “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold” (愛.回家之開心速遞). Even then, Vicky Chan has come to accept her body and isn’t shy about showing it off on social media. However, there are netizens that don’t seem to agree with her flaunting her body and are constantly leaving her hurtful comments. Vicky Chan finally got sick of the comments and addressed the haters who keep body shaming her.

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In a post from earlier today, she posted a picture of herself in a swim suit and said, “haters like to call this fat. #hatersgonnahate #stopbullying.

Actually, girls, why do we care so much about the opinions of people who aren’t worthy of having a place in your life?

Been battling body image issues all my life…And realized….no girl should ever need to deal with that. #girlswhosupportgirls”.

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Thankfully, many of the comments from the post were positive and praised her for being pretty and sexy. Someone also praised her for her bronze skin tone, which is also frowned upon in most Asian countries.

Credit: hk01,, Vicky Chan IG