Fish Leong Confirms Divorce with Husband, Tony Chao

Fish Leong Confirms Divorce with Husband, Tony Chao

The Taiwanese paparazzi always seem to get 80% of their news right. Just last month, Malaysian singer, Fish Leong (梁靜茹), and her Taiwanese husband, Tony Chao (趙元同), were plagued with divorce and separation rumors due to cheating allegations on the male side. At the time, Fish Leong, didn’t respond to the rumors, while Tony Chao denied it and said “I want to know who created the rumors.” After the divorce rumors, Taiwanese paparazzi later reported the two were separated as they had followed their whereabouts and didn’t seem to be living together anymore. Today, Fish Leong announced she and Tony Chao had divorced after 9 years years of marriage.

Fish Leong’s Husband Responds to Divorce Rumors

Fish Leong held a mini concert to promote her new album today. When she sang her song, “Slow to Cool Down” (慢冷), she got emotional and cried. Afterwards, she revealed, “Thank you everyone for your support lately. I have received it. Everyone’s question on their minds, I have already signed the divorce agreement with Mr. Chao. There are still some procedures that haven’t been completed yet.” Fish Leong also revealed they were already separated prior to August. They will be raising their son, Anderson, together.

Fish Leong and Husband, Tony Chao, Rumored to Have Separated

Fish Leong Reveals How She Coped with Her Divorce in the Early Stages and Having to Answer Her Son’s Questions about the Break Up

When talking about her emotions, Fish Leong expressed her family was with her. However, when she was asked whether the divorce was due to the male having a mistress, Fish Leong denied to respond. As for who their son will live with, Fish Leong responded, “Just like the process any divorce couple go through.” When reporters asked about the divorce details, Fish Leong closed her eyes and seemed emotional. Her manager ended the interview.

Manager Confirms Fish Leong’s New Relationship with CEO, Darwin Lin

Her manager revealed, “The situation has already happened for a while now. She is an adult and knows how to handle it. There are a lot of things that are not just one sided. It requires both parties to be completed.”

Credit: ETtoday, Weibo