Fish Leong’s Husband Responds to Divorce Rumors

Fish Leong's Husband Responds to Divorce Rumors

Malaysian singer Fish Leong (梁靜茹) married Taiwanese businessman, Tony Chao (趙元同), in 2010 and gave birth to their son, Anderson, in 2014. They seemed to have the perfect marriage until there were rumors going viral today that the two had already divorced and will have joint custody of their son. The rumors also alleged Tony Chao was once caught cheating with an internet celebrity.

Fish Leong Confirms Divorce with Husband, Tony Chao

Fish Leong and her husband were seen vacationing in the Maldives to celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary back in February. Tony Chao also posted a picture of Fish Leong and their son on his social media account back in June. So the divorce rumors came as a shock to everyone. According to Taiwanese news outlet, United Daily News, they claimed Tony Chao was suspected to be getting intimate with an internet celebrity two years ago. Fish Leong found out, but chose to forgive him.

Fish Leong and Husband, Tony Chao, Rumored to Have Separated

Fish Leong Reveals How She Coped with Her Divorce in the Early Stages and Having to Answer Her Son’s Questions about the Break Up

According to Malaysian newspaper, China Press, when Fish Leong returned to Malaysia in July to promote her new album, her management company already told reporters they couldn’t ask any questions regarding her husband or her personal life. When she was asked if her current happy family completed her, she responded, “What you guys see on the outside is often not what you guys are seeing.”, possibly hinting that everything is not as rosy as it seems.

Tony Chao responded to the media and denied the divorce rumors, stating the news reports are untrue. He told, “I really want to know who blasted the rumors. Hope he/she can come out and say it.” As for Fish Leong, her manager commented, “No comments on our artist’s personal matters. Thank you for your concern.”

Credit: (1, 2), Fish Leong Weibo