Kevin Tsai Asks Barbie Hsu If They Could Talk About Her Ex Vic Zhou

Popular Taiwanese host, Kevin Tsai (蔡康永), one half of the now off-air variety show, “Kangsi Coming” (康熙來了) is known for being direct and unafraid to tackle sensitive topics.  On his new Chinese show, “To Be Honest” 《恕我直言》, which airs on the 20th of this month, one of the episodes has Barbie Hsu (大S) of “Meteor Garden”《流星花園》fame and Ken Chu (朱孝天) of F4 as guests.  The two co-stars haven’t been on the same stage since the “Meteor Garden” days.

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The show’s main theme talks about relationships.  During filming, Ken took out an old picture of the main cast taken during the “Meteor Garden” days.  This prompted Kevin to ask Ken, “Those two [Barbie and Vic (周渝民)], were they already dating at that time?”  Ken honestly responds, “At that time, it was probably still Blue Lan (藍正龍).”  Barbie rolled her eyes and erupted saying, “Must we be that clear?”

Ken Chu Unaware Barbie Hsu was Setting Him Up with Dee Hsu

Kevin, not one to back down, directs the questions towards Barbie.  He asks, “Can I talk about Zai Zai (仔仔, Vic’s nickname)?”  Barbie, ever so sharp witted and bright, quickly responds, “You can talk about Zai Zai, but you can’t talk about Zai Zai and I.”  Barbie’s quick response left Kevin and the other guests burst into laughter.  Barbie, who changes the subject, then reveals, “At that time, I wanted to set up Dee Hsu (小S) and Ken together, but Ken wasn’t interested.”

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During the “Meteor Garden” days, Barbie was still dating fellow Taiwanese actor, Blue Lan, who was relatively unknown back then.  Three years later when Barbie filmed another series, “Mars” (戰神) with Vic Zhou, the two start dating.  Unfortunately, the two broke up in 2008.  Both are now married to separate partners and have children.  

It looks like we’ll have to tune into the new show to see what else Ken and Barbie reveal! 


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