TVB Starlet Chloe Nguyen Caught Dating Michael Wai

TVB Starlet Chloe Nguyen Caught Dating Michael Wai

Hailing from the Netherlands, 31 year old Chinese and Vietnamese mix, Chloe Nguyen’s (阮兒) popularity grew after filming TVB’s daily series, “Come Home Love”《愛.回家》.  Later on, she filmed travel show “Fun Abroad” or “3D2N”《3日2夜》and was noticed by netizens for her nice body.  Chloe comes from a wealthy background as she lives in a mansion in the southern district of Hong Kong.  It’s no surprise she has many suitors, but it seems she prefers more mature men.  

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Chloe Nguyen Admits to Dating Michael Wai, Sees Him as Marriage Material

Recently, she has been rumored to be dating 44 year old TVB host and actor, Michael Wai (衛志豪).  Last August, the two were exposed attending one of the celebrity soccer team gatherings together seen in Canto-pop singer, Alan Tam’s (譚詠麟) picture.  However, the two have always denied the rumors.  Chloe had recently uploaded pictures of herself in a bikini, which netizens suspect were taken by Michael from the “boyfriend angle.”

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Michael emits an image of him being a playboy, making Chloe hesitate to take the relationship further.  It is rumored that when Chloe had shingles, Michael would care for her and accompany her to see the doctor.  This led Chloe to have a change of heart towards Michael and slowly started to cultivate feelings for each other.  They’ve been dating each other for a few months now with Chloe immersing herself into Michael’s social circle.  

Shopping for Furniture and Checking out Real Estate

Even though the two have denied their relationship, the two were finally caught by the paparazzi holding hands and doing normal couple things in Causeway Bay recently.  The two were first seen at IKEA trying beds and at one point, Michael pushes Chloe to fall down on the bed.  Chloe takes revenge and hits him with pillows.  


Later on, the two walked towards Tin Hau (天后) and only held hands after seeing there weren’t many people around.  At one point, Chloe is seen scratching her thigh nonstop due to a mosquito bite.  Michael stops and smacks her thigh a few times to stop it from itching.  Afterwards, the two stopped at a realty store front to look at units and were discussing back and forth.  It looks like the two might want to try living together to try the married life.  After that, Chloe went to buy watermelon juice and shared a few sips with Michael.  The two look to be enjoying the dating life.  

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  1. He’s 44? He reminds me of Marco Ngai a little. Why are they hiding their relationship? I doubt they will be “frozen” for dating and tbh they are of marriageable age lol

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