Chloe Nguyen Admits to Dating Michael Wai, Sees Him as Marriage Material

Chloe Nguyen Admits to Dating Michael Wai, Sees Him as Marriage Material

TVB actress, Chloe Nguyen (阮兒), who was caught by paparazzi holding hands and doing couple things with fellow TVB host and actor, Michael Wai (衛志豪), admitted to dating him today at a function.  Chloe reveals the two have been dating for six months already.  When reporters noted the age difference, Chloe corrected the reporter that they were twelve years apart, both belonging to the rabbit zodiac sign.  

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Chloe: You guys need to keep an eye on him. 

When asked if it was due to the age difference that led Chloe to think longer about dating Michael, Chloe says, “No, because I’m not looking to date around anymore.”  Another reporter asks if it’s because Michael has a reputation of being flirtatious, Chloe says, “Yes, that’s why I needed more time to study him.  Right now I depend on you guys to keep watch for me.” 

TVB Starlet Chloe Nguyen Caught Dating Michael Wai

On whether they will be living together, Chloe says, “We’ll see.  The real estate prices are too high.”  When the reporter tells Chloe she can rent, she replies, “Well I hope to buy property, so I need to focus on work first.  On whether she sees Michael as marriage material, “No, we’re serious.  That’s why we were so private in the beginning.  I used to think about getting married and having kids young.  Right now I just want to focus on work and buy property.  Hopefully, I’ll have more work.  Then go back to the Netherlands. I hope I can spend Mid-Autumn Festival with my mom.”  When asked if she plans on bringing Michael to the Netherlands during the holidays, Chloe says, “Not this time, maybe afterwards when he has time. ”  When asked if Michael has seen her parents, Chloe responds, “They’ve met each other before.  He is someone I can bring to my hometown.”

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Chloe was also asked if it was awkward attending the same function as Lisa Ch’ng (莊思明), who is currently dating Mat Yeung (楊明).  Chloe and Mat were once rumored to be dating.  Her response to this, “Dating? Why would it be awkward? Mat and I were from the same artist training class.  We’re only friends and I knew Lisa too.  They knew Michael and I were dating way before the media found out.”

Lisa: He’s just direct.  

Lisa’s response to the two dating, “We found out they were dating a little earlier than the media.  Before I joined the industry, I already knew Michael.  He didn’t reveal anything, but I could tell he was dating.”  On whether Michael is a flirtatious guy, Lisa responds, “No, he’s not.  He’s just very direct.  Chloe is such a smart girl, she must’ve picked a good one.” 

Credit:, Apple Daily, IG