Chloe Nguyen Reveals Break Up with Michael Wai After 3 Years of Dating

Chloe Nguyen Reveals Break Up with Michael Wai After 3 Years of Dating

TVB artists, Chloe Nguyen (阮兒) and Michael Wai (衛志豪), who is 13 years her senior, admitted to dating each other in 2018 after they were spotted shopping at IKEA together. Since then, the couple have been living together with speculations that they were headed for the alter. However, on February 7, Chloe Nguyen was at a function and revealed she was single again.

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Chloe Nguyen revealed she and Michael Wai had broken up amicably for awhile now and that there was no third party. She said she will be spending Valentine’s Day working and will be busy moving out of her former love nest with Michael Wai. However, Chloe Nguyen did say, “I don’t know what will happen in the future, but as of right now, really need to cool down first.”

TVB Starlet Chloe Nguyen Caught Dating Michael Wai

The 33 year old Chloe Nguyen said she is getting used to living by herself right now, but says she has a lot of friends and work. In March, she will be filming for TVB’s “Brutally Young 2.0” (temp. 十八年後的終極告白 2.0). She will be having romantic scenes with Zoie Tam (譚凱琪). She said she doesn’t mind kissing boys or girls as she previously had a kiss scene with Nicole Pui in “Barack O’karma” that received a lot of buzz. Chloe Nguyen also said she had a lot of gay friends when she was in school and has kissed girls before.

The breakup sort of comes as a surprise as Chloe Nguyen had recently thanked Michael Wai for staying by her side when she was diagnosed with Shingles over 10 times in a year. She said it was on her face and became depressed, but Michael Wai would constantly comfort her saying, “You are very pretty.” When Michael Wai was contacted by the media on the breakup, he said, “Thanks for your concern. I actually don’t really understand it! But I don’t want to say so much. Please excuse me. Wish her well! She has the right to choose, to say or not say, or when to say it and where she says it.”

Credit: (1, 2), Chloe Nguyen IG

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