K-Pop Group NU’EST W Coming to Hong Kong for Concert

NU'EST W Hong Kong

K-Pop group, NU’EST W is coming to Hong Kong this weekend for their concert, “NU’EST W CONCERT – ENCORE IN HONG KONG” at KITEC. 

Through their new variety show, “NU’EST W’s L.O.Λ.E Boxed Meal,” the four reveal their cooking abilities.  Member, Baekho says Ren’s cooking ability has improved a lot.  From not being able to even grill meat to now being able to make seafood pancake, making Baekho proud.  JR reveals Aron specializes in cooking Western dishes with his specialty in cooking steak.  Aron even reveals himself to be a steak expert.  While the rest of the members choose Baekho as the “Cooking MVP.”

In their recent Taiwan concert, the group performed Sodagreen’s “Endless Story” (小情歌).  The members revealed even though they can’t communicate with their fans,  they wanted to at least perform one song in the same language their fans could understand, thats why they chose this song.  Ren also revealed they will be performing their new song “Deja Vu” in Hong Kong for the first time and also prepared Sodagreen’s “Endless Story” (小情歌) for the fans.

Baekho also says Hong Kong’s night view is very famous.  Aron and JR also heard Hong Kong street food such as eggettes and curry fishballs are tasty. They hope to have the opportunity to try the street food during their visit to Hong Kong.  As for JR, he wants to shop.  During the interview, JR reveals the pictures he has taken of the members from his phone.  He hopes to put the pictures in an album and share it with others in the future in the future.  When the members saw the pictures, they were shocked and kept asking JR when he took them.  

Watch their interview here: 

Credit: KStar HK Youtube Channel

Credit: hk.on.ccKStar HK Youtube Channel

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