Former Miss Hong Kong Tracy Chu Sets Her Sights on Becoming a Lawyer, Not Relying on Family Fortune

Former Miss Hong Kong, Tracy Chu (朱千雪), has a reputation for being highly educated.  Aside from this, she also comes from a wealthy family whose fortune is comprised of the hardware business.  When she was 19, her father gifted her two properties, one in Island Resort and one in Discovery Bay, both worth about 15 million HKD each.  Instead of relying on her father’s money, Tracy is using her own efforts to establish her career.

Tracy Chu isn’t Pregnant, “Just Fat”

2012 Miss Hong Kong Second Runner Up, Tracy Chu, Marries Doctor Boyfriend in Bali

When Tracy participated in the 2012 Miss Hong Kong pageant, she was selected as the “Citizen’s Choice for Miss Hong Kong”, a hot favorite to win the crown.  Unfortunately, she got second runner up, but was still heavily promoted by TVB and remained a fan favorite among the public.  Her nicknames vary from “goddess” to “Tracy BB”.

Former Miss Hong Kong, Tracy Chu, is Off the Market

Tracy got her first starring role in the 2016 TVB series, “Over Run Over”《EU超時任務》, earning much praise and was rooted for the best actress award.  Although she didn’t win the award, she had another chance in 2017’s “Legal Mavericks”《踩過界》, playing an ophthalmologist.  She earned praise such as “She’s pure and true.” from netizens.  She ultimately got 7th place in the 2017 Starhub “My Favorite TVB Best Actress” award.  

Miss Hong Kong 2012 Second Runner Up, Tracy Chu, Hasn’t Given Up on Acting

In recent years, Tracy asked for time off to pursue a law degree.  When interviewed by reporters, she responds, “I still have a long contract with TVB and over a year left before I graduate.  After that, I have to do an internship, get my license, then I can become a lawyer.  When asked if she’s still filming series, Tracy responds, “I primarily do travel shows and attend functions.  Filming a series is a bit hard due to scheduling.  Right now, I don’t have any series.  My goal is to finish school then do my internship.”

When asked about the rumors of a prominent law firm saving a position for her with high pay, Tracy responds, “I don’t have the qualifications to be poached for a high paying job.  I actually need to consider whether someone will give me the chance to do an internship.  I am just worried about finding a mentor!”

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  1. Wow WTG Tracy! I didnt know about her family bg. So cool of her to pursue a law degree at this point in her acting career. Best of luck to her!

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