Ruco Chan Literally Loves Phoebe Sin to “Death”

Ruco Chan Literally Loves Phoebe Sin to "Death"

If you haven’t gotten sick of more Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin news, then this is something you might want to read about.  Ever since the two announced their wedding plans, the couple has been very high profile and sharing more details than normal.  

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It has been revealed Ruco is taking care of the future Mrs. Chan and both their families very well.  Aside from the 10 million HKD Tseung Kwan O property unit he bought last year in his mom’s name to serve as his love nest with Phoebe, it was revealed Ruco also bought ten columbarium (place to store urns) spaces for 2 million HKD in Sha Tin to take care of their elders and themselves in the future.  You could say Ruco is “loving Phoebe to death.” 

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In a telephone interview regarding the urn spaces,  Phoebe responds, “He never mentioned it.  Marriage is a wonderful thing, I haven’t thought so far into the future.  Right now, I am only worried about the wedding planning.  I want to be a pretty bride.  It is going to be a once in a lifetime memory.  I really never thought about it [the urn spaces].”  When reporters asked if it was really 2 million HKD to buy the urn spaces, Phoebe responds, “I never intervene about his things.  Maybe you should ask him first and then report back to me.  I also want to know.”

Phoebe also praises Ruco for being traditional and practical.  She says, “There are times when he gets very serious when doing things.  I think he’s very cute in this manner.” 

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  1. He must be getting paid pretty well to spend that much money. Hope he saved enough for the wedding because it sounds like she’s going all out for the wedding lol

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