“The Inn 2” Episode 5 Highlights: Philip Wu Gets Mistaken for Karry Wang Junkai

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The next morning at breakfast, Philip Wu (武藝) is sitting next to Shen Yue (沈月) and offers her food.  Wang Ke (王珂) sees the cute interaction between the two and then tells him to watch the video on the phone.  It turns out to be kissing scenes of Dylan Wang (王鶴棣) and Shen Yue in Meteor Garden.  When Dylan Wang and Shen Yue find out, Dylan Wang furrows his eyebrows while Shen Yue pushes the phone away and says, “What is this?!”  Wang Ke asks how it felt for someone so tall to kiss someone’s brain. Dylan Wang says, “My back was especially tired.”

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Dylan Wang shows off the wooden chair/sled he made and asks if anyone wants to go for a ride for 5 RMB. Everyone else is inside the inn having a meeting.  Shen Yue calls him an idiot and says no one is paying attention to him.  

The four youngsters then go to the market to buy groceries for dinner.  They stumble upon the same restaurant Liu Tao and Myolie Wu went to in a previous episode.  Upon entering, they discover Liu Tao and Myolie Wu’s picture on the wall.  The youngsters are a bit upset and decide to take a group photo with Liu Tao and Myolie Wu’s picture as proof.  Kido Ma and Philip Wu enter the kitchen to pick out groceries.  Then the restaurant owner says Philip Wu looks like Karry Wang Junkai.  Philip Wu is embarrassed and says he is not Karry Wang Junkai.  

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