Tiffany Lau Denies “Rocking the Car” with Wu Fei

Tiffany Lau Wu Fei Deny Dating or Rocking the Car

Rising TVB starlet Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇), was filmed chatting in the car with Wu Fei (胡㻗) by Oriental Daily News.  Tiffany Lau was filming at TVB today and talked to the press about the “rocking the car” allegations.  When asked if she and Wu Fei were dating, she said, “We’re good friends.  Maybe because we’re both kind of westernized, so we get along.”  

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When asked why they were talking in the car at night, Tiffany Lau explains Wu Fei was only giving her a ride as they were both in the same area.  She says they weren’t heading anywhere special and didn’t think it was a big deal.  They were only talking about going back to school and stressing about work.  

On the topic of “rocking the car”, Tiffany Lau didn’t know what it meant.  When the reporter explained it to her, she got really emotional and started crying.  She exclaims, “Why would these two words be used to describe what we were doing? We were just talking.  I don’t know why those words would appear.  I came back from the US to Hong Kong and as a newcomer, I want to focus on my career.  At that moment, it was very scary.  It was scarier than horror films.  All of a sudden, someone was approaching and using a flashlight to shine it on us.  I was scared and my first reaction was to duck down.  I don’t know why my reaction would let people to misunderstand.”  

Reporters mentioned her lips had no more lipstick after getting off the car.  Tiffany Lau says, “I didn’t even put on lipstick.  I don’t normally wear lipstick.  I am a very lazy girl.  Even during filming, I only use lip balm.  I was really startled at that moment so my complexion was white.”  When asked if she has contacted Wu Fei, she says they only talked for a bit.  

On whether she will be more cautious next time, she says, “There is nothing to be cautious about.  He is a good man and takes care of people really well.  I don’t know if he’s trying court me, but we’re just friends right now.”  Wu Fei’s older brother, Joey Law (羅天宇), says they weren’t getting intimate in the car.  He said, “They are just friends.  If he was dating, he would tell me.  He hasn’t said anything to me.  My brother is very faithful and likes to be a homebody.”  

Credit:, (1, 2), Tiffany Lau IG, Wu Fei IG

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