Wu Fei and Joey Law Express Interest in Tiffany Lau

Wu Fei Joey Law Tiffany Lau Roxanne Tong Bong Cheng

TVB artists and brothers, Joey Law (羅天宇) and Wu Fei (胡㻗), attended an event today for dogs.  Wu Fei, who was recently in the news for “rocking the car” with former Miss Hong Kong, Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇), was asked if he was yelled at by TVB.  Wu Fei responds, “The company did have a chat with me, but I want to focus on work right now.   I know it was a big blow to her because her series was just airing, so I don’t want this incident to affect her.”

Roxanne Tong and Joey Law are “Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Tiffany Lau Denies Being Forbidden by TVB from Dating Wu Fei

Tiffany Lau Denies “Rocking the Car” with Wu Fei

Tiffany Lau Caught Dating Joey Law’s Brother, Wu Fei

When asked if he has interest towards Tiffany Lau, Wu Fei says, “Everyone is interested in  her.  She’s very nice.  She’s a good girl.  We’ll think about it later.”  Joey Law then jokingly adds that he is also interested in Tiffany Lau, which makes the reporters says the two brothers are fighting for her.  Wu Fei says the two have kept in contact, but when asked if he would still risk being her driver, he defers to Joey Law.  He says he should be more cautious in the future so people don’t misunderstand.  

Roxanne Tong Denies Dating Elaine Yiu’s Ex-Boyfriend

Joey Law and Roxanne Tong Remain Friends After Breakup

Joey Law was asked about his ex-girlfriend, Roxanne Tong’s (湯洛雯) rumors with Elaine Yiu’s (姚子羚) ex-boyfriend, Bong Cheng (鄭子邦).  He says, “As far as I know, she is single.  If she finds her happiness, I’m happy for her.  We still keep in contact and are friends.”  On whether or not if they have a chance to get back together, Joey Law says, “I don’t know.  It’s not that easy to solve the problems.”  

Credit: hk.on.cc, Wu Fei IG 

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