Benjamin Yuen Ready to Propose, but Bowie Cheung is Focused on Her Career

Benjamin Yuen Ready for Marriage, but Bowie Cheung Focusing on Career

TVB artist, Bowie Cheung (張寶兒), attended a jewelry event today.  When asked if she was picking out her dowry, she laughed and said she doesn’t need to buy it herself.  Her boyfriend, Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), recently won both the Singapore and Malaysian versions of TVB’s “Best Actor Award”.  When asked if she’s ready to get married if Benjamin Yuen claims the third “Best Actor” award at the TVB Anniversary Awards show next month, Bowie Cheung says, “I think it’s hard to plan this, but right now is not an opportune time.  We’re both so focused on our careers.”

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Bowie Cheung goes on further to say it’s hard to talk about the future, but as of this moment, she is working hard on her career.  When reporters brought up that Benjamin Yuen said he was ready, but is actually giving her time to develop her career, Bowie Cheung says, “He’s putting me on the spot.  His career is running so smoothly right now, he needs more time to do even better.  I’m throwing the ball back into his court.”  

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When asked if she has voted for Benjamin Yuen yet, she says, she hasn’t, but believes he has the ability to claim the title for the third time.  She also adds, “If he wins, I will need to think of a surprise for him.”  The reporters asked what she will do if he proposes on stage, Bowie Cheung says, “I think proposals are better done in private.  It’s best the moment is just captured between the two people.”, Bowie Cheung IG, Benjamin Yuen IG

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