Benjamin Yuen Insists Bowie Cheung Made the First Move

Benjamin Yuen Insists Bowie Cheung Made the First Move

TVB actor, Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), did an interview with popular radio host, Terry Leung (梁泰來) recently. On the show he talked about his relationship with girlfriend, Bowie Cheung (張寶兒). He mentions the two got together after filming variety show, “All Work No Pay Holidays” (打工捱世界). He describes Bowie Cheung as a “happy baby.” When talking about how they met, Benjamin Yuen jokingly says Bowie Cheung made the first move. He says, “I’ve told Bowie before. I firmly believe it was her that hit on me first because she said, “Your lifestyle is kind of like a westerner’s.” This made me think whether she was interested in getting to know me better.”

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Benjamin Yuen reveals when they were filming in Africa, they often chatted while riding in jeeps. They got to know each other better. After returning to Hong Kong, they developed their relationship step by step until where they’re at today. He also reveals he had his first love around 15, 16 years of age and that he had quite a few romances before he entered the industry. When asked why his previous relationships failed, he says, “I didn’t know how to cherish back then. I also didn’t like being managed. Even when my mom tried to manage me, I wouldn’t listen, let alone others?”

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He doesn’t think Bowie Cheung constrains him and this has actually allowed them to love each other more. He says, “Her way of being free and not managing will make you want to listen to her. It makes you think this girl is willing to accommodate to you. So you will treat her especially well. Slowly, the both of us start to treasure each other.”

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This year was also hard for Benjamin Yuen as he lost his father. He was grateful to Bowie Cheung for being there when he needed support the most. He says, “When we went to the emergency room, my father had already passed. During this whole process, I kept a lot to myself. When I went home, Bowie was by my side watching me cry. Later on, she was there when I was trying to cheer up and taking care of my father’s funeral.

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When asked if he has found his significant other, he says, “I believe I found her. I don’t want to experience the mistakes from before or not knowing how to cherish the special moments. A lot of friends are asking me when I will get married, you guys don’t need to worry. I will announce it when it is the right time.”

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