Niki Chow Asks Benjamin Yuen Why He Didn’t Pursue Her Twenty Years Ago

Niki Chow Benjamin Yuen Dating for a Day TVB Another Era

In TVB’s “Another Era” (再創世紀), audiences didn’t get the happy ending for the “Walter” and “Ella” couple, played by Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and Niki Chow (周勵淇) respectively.  However, the actors gave the reel couple another chance as they filmed a video titled “Dating for a Day” on Niki Chow’s Youtube channel.  Benjamin Yuen, who has always enjoyed photography, posed as Niki Chow’s photographer boyfriend.  In the video, he kept complimenting Niki Chow such as “Your eyes are seducing everyone.”  and “Your legs are so long.”  Niki Chow said none of her boyfriends have helped her take pictures before.  She even said Benjamin Yuen was a good lover.  Benjamin Yuen jokingly replied, “Am I the type that you’ll only see on Fridays and Saturdays?”, meaning he’s not a long term boyfriend and don’t need to see so often.

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Later on in the day, the two went to eat and had a heart to heart.  Benjamin Yuen gained more points when he took out a pack of tissues, melting Niki Chow’s heart.  As it turns out, the two had actually met 20 years ago in the subway.  Niki Chow actually asked Benjamin Yuen why he didn’t pursue her when they first met.  Benjamin Yuen was really frank and said, “My wallet only had $20.  How can I dare pursue you?”  He then asks Niki Chow, “If I had took my subway ticket and asked you to be friends at that time, what would you do?”  Niki Chow said, “It might have really worked!” 

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Niki Chow then asks Benjamin Yuen what types of girls he likes, but answers her own question with this response, “You like girls like your current girlfriend, right?”  However, Benjamin Yuen shocked Niki Chow with this response, “No, I like your type as well.  I know I can’t match up against you, that’s why I didn’t pursue you.”  After seeing their interactions, any viewers thought the two were a good match.  Will Benjamin Yuen’s girlfriend, Bowie Cheung (張寶兒), get mad after seeing the video? 

Credit:, Niki Chow Youtube Channel