Niki Chow Announces Marriage to Chinese Actor, Fu Hongming

Niki Chow Fu Hongming Announce Marriage

Another actress is off the market as Niki Chow (周勵淇) announced her marriage on Instagram today.  The 39 year old actress posted a picture of her with husband and Chinese actor, Fu Hongming (傅浤鸣), with the following message:  “We got married. We’re heading into the next chapter of our lives.  Everything is turning out to be the best arrangement.  Sharing the news with everyone here.”

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Niki Chow’s company, EEG, also released an official statement on the news: “Thank you to everyone who has always supported and cared about Niki Chow.  Niki Chow has officially announced to all her friends that she has gotten married.  She and her husband, Fu Hongming, chose to have a simple wedding ceremony with only their families present.  They are opening a new chapter in their lives.  The company would also like to congratulate the new couple.  Wishing them a happy marriage and at the same time, thank those who have supported and congratulated Niki Chow, on her behalf.”  

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When reporters dug up information on Fu Hongming, it was discovered the 45 year old actor was once married to Chinese actress, Cheng Su (程愫) for twenty years.  The two also have a son, but in March last year, the two suddenly got a divorce.  Three months after their divorce, he was rumored to be dating Niki Chow, painting her to be the third party in his marriage. 

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The couple met in 2014 while filming a Chinese series called “卧底” (Undercover?).  The two played a couple in the series.  It was reported the two would often meet up and talk on the phone to get into their characters.  Fu Hongming was once seen flying to Hong Kong to see Niki Chow shortly after his divorce.    

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Third Party and Shotgun Wedding? 

When Oriental Daily reached out to Niki Chow’s older sister, Kathy Chow (周汶錡), about her marriage, she revealed, “The wedding was actually last month.  You’ll have to ask her about the wedding details.  She’s always wanted a simple, but grand wedding.”  As for her brother in law, Kathy Chow says, “He’s very good.  We all like him a lot.  He treats Niki very well, loves her a lot.”  

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About the rumors of Niki Chow being a third party to Fu Hongming’s marriage, Kathy Chow vehemently denies it and shares, “Of course not.  People will circulate all kinds of rumors.  We won’t care about what people say.  The most important thing is they’re happy.”  On whether Niki Chow had a shotgun wedding, Kathy Chow also denies it saying, “Definitely not, but I do want her to have kids earlier so they can play with my kids.”  

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It is reported the two were dating for some time before deciding to get married.  They had their wedding overseas at the end of November and went on their honeymoon afterwards.  The couple just returned to Hong Kong yesterday.  

Credit: (1, 2, 3), Niki Chow IG 

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