Niki Chow Grilled About Husband’s Past and Being Labeled as a Third Party

Niki Chow Grilled About Husband’s Past and Being Labelled as a Third Party

Niki Chow (周勵淇) made her first public appearance on the 11th since announcing her marriage to Chinese actor, Fu Hongming (傅浤鸣) last December. Her marriage was met with a lot of controversy as Fu Hongming divorced his ex-wife in March 2017. Niki Chow and Fu Hongming were caught dating in June of the same year. As a result, many painted her as the third party and Fu Hongming for being a scumbag. It was even alleged they had a shotgun marriage.

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The media also made a big deal about Fu Hongming being married before and having a child with his ex-wife. To this, Niki Chow responds, “Everyone will have a big reaction to this, but of course I accept this.” When asked if she was bothered by the stepmother title, she says, “This is not a big deal. This is his past. No matter what happens, I will accept everything about his past. I already knew this when we were together so I don’t really mind.”

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When asked if she was pregnant, Niki Chow responded, “No, look at my stomach. Everyone is speculating I got pregnant first. I am telling everyone it’s not true. I don’t know when I’ll be pregnant. I want to spend more time together first.”

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Niki Chow also shared they will be settling down in Hong Kong since Fu Hongming also has quite some friends there. When asked whether her husband changed his name to avoid being dug up, Niki Chow says, “No, he has actually changed it for a while now. We announced it since we already announced our marriage.” On how long the two were dating, she reveals it was only within a year and stressed she wasn’t the third party. Niki Chow shared she was a bit unhappy about being labelled as the third party. Fu Hongming wanted to help her clarify the rumors, but she told him not to get so upset. As for netizens labeling him as a scumbag boyfriend, Niki Chow also stresses it’s hard to control what others say. She already expected people to be gossiping, so she doesn’t care too much.

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