Ariel Lin and Vin Zhang Binbin are Oozing with Chemistry in “I Will Never Let You Go”

Ariel Lin and Vin Zhang Binbin are Oozing with Chemistry in I Will Never Let You Go

Taiwanese actress, Ariel Lin (林依晨), made her comeback to period dramas with the currently airing series, “I Will Never Let You Go” (小女花不棄). The last costume drama she filmed was “Prince of Lan Ling”, which was almost six years ago. In her new drama, she is paired up with Chinese hunky actor, Vin Zhang Binbin (張彬彬), who is 11 years younger than Ariel Lin. Despite the age gap, the two are oozing with chemistry and couple feels in the series. What’s also a breath of fresh air and a rarity in mainland Chinese dramas is that Ariel Lin and Vin Zhang Binbin are using their own voices in this series; there is no dubbing for their characters.

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Watch behind the scenes filming to see the cute interactions between the leads. Vin Zhang is quite playful like Ariel Lin.

Episode 1: Scene where Lian Yike saves Hua Buqi from assassins.

Episode 2: Rehearsing the comedic scene where Buqi accuses Chen Yu of impregnating her in order to get him to bring her to the royal palace

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In “I Will Never Let You Go,” Ariel Lin plays a beggar with street smarts and knows how to conduct business to make money. Vin Zhang Binbin plays two roles, a royal prince, Chen Yu, (陳煜) and masked vigilante, Lian Yike (蓮衣客), who always appears whenever Ariel Lin’s character, “Hua Buqi” (花不棄) is in danger. The series can be described as a light hearted rom-com costume drama even though there are death scenes and murderous revenge plotting. The two are at each other’s throats due to circumstances in the storyline, but ultimately fall in love with each other. Many fans and even the PR team are referring to them as the “LianHua” (蓮花) CP.

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As it turns out, the two actors had already met each other in 2017 at the China TV Drama Awards. The two interacted a bit and what looked to be them adding each other on Weibo. Afterwards, Vin Zhang Binbin uploaded a picture of him with Ariel Lin at the awards show with the caption, “Hello, goddess.” Ariel Lin replied back with, “Binbin is so polite, hello.”

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In an interview with, Ariel Lin jokingly says, “After working together for so long, he will think I am a comedian! Sometimes, I will flub my lines, like “Thank you, hero, for your pig hand in helping.” At that moment, he was laughing hysterically. He said to me, “Such a beautiful pair of hands and you called them pig hands.” I apologized to him, but his hands seemed a bit meaty. He laughed for so many days. Sometimes when he sees my actions, he will laugh out loud all of a sudden. Maybe his standards for humor are low.”

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Ariel Lin also praises her co-star saying, “He is very serious during filming. His appearance and acting are both good. He is very professional and has a good attitude. He’s also very smart and I quite like the way he expresses himself. He said he wasn’t like this before so he put in quite a lot of effort. I think he has a promising future.” She also shared that she is now ready to have children. Ariel Lin reveals, “I thought to myself, the timing is right. I don’t have pressures from my in laws or the public. It’s just my husband and I have the same thoughts about our future.”

You can watch the subbed series on Viki:

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