Vin Zhang Binbin Denies Being Married with a Child

Vin Zhang Binbin Denies Being Married with a Child

It has been a while since Vin Zhang Binbin (张彬彬) has been in the news as he has been filming non-stop. Vin Zhang was trending on November 9 when a netizen claiming to be Vin Zhang’s neighbor alleged that he is already married with a child who is 15 months old.

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This person said the following, “Zhang Binbin is married with a child already. Don’t ask how I know. Anyway, I am definitely not fabricating rumors. She is in the industry. Not sure if she is a celebrity. Don’t know her name. Yes, it’s true. I am his neighbor. The child is especially cute.”

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This netizen kept reiterating that this rumor was “100% real”. They also responded to other people’s questions like they knew Vin Zhang personally. One of the comments was asking whether his wife is his manager, which they responded, “I am really not sure whether it’s his manager. His family invested in a clubhouse this year and lost quite a bit of money.” Vin Zhang was once rumored to be dating his manager back in 2018, but she came out to deny the rumors.

On November 9, Vin Zhang denied the rumors with this post: “Getting ready to celebrate Single’s Day. Extremely confused.” He also included a meme with the caption, “Confused on the spot.” Vin Zhang’s management company, Jaywalk Studio, left a comment on the post saying, “It’s shameful to spread rumors. Don’t stay for the tea, waiting for Single’s Day.”

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8 thoughts on “Vin Zhang Binbin Denies Being Married with a Child

  1. I my hope and wish that bin bin and Jing tian be a couple and do more drama as main characters lol

  2. If he is married, I wouldn’t blame him. Some people take offence their idols are married and forget these actors are human too and have needs. If he is married, he is protecting his wife and child like any loving man in this industry would. And netizens are the worst. They give all sorts of crap, abuse and scrutiny, own fans can turn on them if they don’t like something. Imagine what it’ll do to his wife and child.

  3. Well… I’m a big fan of his but so what… There’s no need for outsider as myself to intervene in his private life. No matter wheter the rumour is true or not.

  4. Always remember… Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.” The only people worthy to be in your life are the ones that help you through the hard times and laugh with you after the hard times passes.

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