Niki Chow Woken Up On Plane by Rude Passenger Trying to Hit on Her

Niki Chow Rude Encounter on Plane by Man

Hong Kong actress, Niki Chow (周勵淇), shared an encounter she had on the plane recently involving a man who woke her up while she was sleeping and tried to get her number.  

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She revealed the entire encounter on Instagram: “Work was finished.  Once I got on the plane, I was already asleep.  Halfway through my sleep, someone woke me up.  This man asked me, “Are you from Shandong?”  I was half asleep, half dreaming and replied no.  He continued to ask me where I was from.  I didn’t answer him and continued to sleep.  He continued to ask, “What is your cell phone number?” I continued to sleep and ignored him.  Then he started cursing at me.  I immediately woke up and couldn’t sleep anymore.  I was a bit scared and wanted to ask him, “What kind of a person are you? How you can not have any manners?  He continued yelling until we got off the plane.  People say you can meet your destined love on the plane, as for me, I had ill-fated destiny.” 

She also added three hashtags to the post: “#somad “#waswokenupandyelledat” “#anythingcanhappeninthisworld”

Credit: Ming Pao, Niki Chow IG

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