Jacqueline Wong Wants to Get Married Quickly So Father Can Attend Wedding

Jacqueline Wong Kenneth Ma Gabriel Harrison TVB Forensic Heroes IV Costume Fitting Wants to Get Married Quickly

TVB actress Jacqueline Wong attended the costume fitting ceremony for new series, “Forensic Heroes IV” in TVB today.  Jacqueline Wong, who was recently in Australia attending the wedding of her third eldest sister, was asked about the wedding.  She expressed the wedding was really touching.  When her brother in law lifted her sister’s veil, she couldn’t hold back her tears.  When asked if her family has rushed her to get married, Jacqueline Wong said, “No, only the netizens have rushed me.  But seeing how my dad’s health isn’t as good as before, at that moment, I did think about getting married quickly.  I hope he can attend my wedding.  But as of now, I haven’t planned out that far into the future.  Simplicity is key.”

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When asked about boyfriend, Kenneth Ma, who was also at the wedding, being captured holding her bag in Australia, Jacqueline Wong says, “Well, I was taking pictures.  He was holding it for a bit.  Normally, he wouldn’t hold it.  I don’t like men helping women hold their bags.” 

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