Scarlett Wong Once Alluded to Her Father Having Extramarital Affairs

Scarlett Wong Once Eluded to Her Father Having Extramarital Affairs

Ever since Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong’s (黃心穎) “OnSum Cheating” (安心偷食) scandal was exposed, the headlines have been plastered with all kinds of news on Jacqueline Wong. They have even gone as far as harassing her family, including sister, Scarlett Wong (黃心美), who is also in the industry. Because of the scandal, netizens were able to dig up an old interview of Scarlett Wong’s (黃心美) where she talks about women having to be independent emotionally and financially and even alluding to what sounded like her father once having extramarital affairs.

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Scarlett Wong, who is 37 years old this year, was once married, but unfortunately the marriage ended in divorce in 2015. She revealed she was dating again in 2017 through pictures she posted on IG, but kept the identity of her boyfriend a secret. However, netizens and the media have have caught her hand in hand with her boyfriend and his identity was finally exposed, even though she has never come out to confirm it.

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In the old interview, Scarlett Wong had expressed that she has even gone through a divorce, so there was nothing for her to be afraid of. She also emphasizes the importance of prioritizing work above romance. Scarlett Wong had said, “My father is like all men, there were times where he was unfaithful. All these years, my mother has been setting a bad example. I actually don’t know if the reason my mother didn’t leave was due to her unwilling to part with us four sisters or whether she didn’t have ability to support her self. That’s why I spent my entire life not to be like her. I think I am walking on a very different path from my mother. “

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Scarlett Wong’s father is a Chinese medicine doctor. While the family immigrated to Canada in 1995, their father stayed behind in Hong Kong to maintain his practice. Scarlett Wong didn’t go into details as to when his father committed these affairs, but she expressed she had to be an independent woman, including financial and emotional independence. She is committed to her career because she feels in a marriage, being able to support yourself will only allow you to have a say in the relationship.

Credit: Apple Daily HK, Scarlett Wong IG

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