Scarlett Wong Reacts to Rumors about Jacqueline Wong Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Scarlett Wong Reacts to Rumors about Jacqueline Wong Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Scarlett Wong (黃心美) was at an event yesterday and was asked why she shared a screen cap of Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎)from her currently airing series, “Finding Her Voice” (牛下女高音). She revealed that she only posted it because the media and netizens kept asking her if she was following the series. Scarlett Wong expressed, “Truthfully speaking, I’m not watching the series. I just wanted to use the screenshot to tell people not to ask me about my younger sister’s acting skills anymore. I don’t have the qualifications to judge it. The caption in the screenshot also don’t have any special meaning. I just used whatever picture I received.”

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When asked if Jacqueline Wong has watched “Finding Her Voice”, she responded, “How do I know if she watched it or not? Didn’t talk about this.” When reporters mentioned that netizens said they were going to boycott watching the series, Scarlett Wong said, “I don’t care what the netizens say. There will definitely be good or bad opinions. Working in this industry, you have to be able to take the good and bad. I’ve filtered comments before. Don’t need to listen to every comment.”

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Scarlett Wong was then asked about Jacqueline Wong’s life plans. She responded, “Don’t know. I just told her, I hope she’s happy and healthy. I don’t mind what her decision is and won’t give her advice either. It’s her life. She needs to make her own decisions and be responsible for it.” Scarlett Wong also revealed Jacqueline Wong doesn’t have any plans right now to return to Hong Kong.

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Jacqueline Wong Reportedly Quitting Showbiz to Become a Real Estate Agent

On the previous rumors about Jacqueline Wong changing her name to Rachel and becoming a real estate agent in the US, Scarlett Wong said, “I saw the news and was taken aback. I could only laugh. Don’t you need to get licensed to become a real estate agent? You can’t just be one just by saying it. Then tomorrow I will be an insurance agent. Change my name to Veronica!”

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