Scarlett Wong’s Boyfriend Finally Revealed

Scarlett Wong's Boyfriend Finally Revealed

Jacqueline Wong’s (黃心穎) older sister, Scarlett Wong (黃心美), who just ended her contract with ViuTV, has always been very private about her personal life. She was previously married to her Taiwanese ex-husband, Thomas, but the two got a divorce in 2015. In 2017, she shared a backside photo of her holding hands with a man watching the sunset. His face was not revealed. Scarlett Wong had once said she wanted to announce the relationship to give her non-industry boyfriend a sense of security, but wouldn’t reveal his identity. She is often posting photos with her boyfriend, but his face is never revealed.

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According to reports from the local media, Scarlett Wong’s boyfriend has been revealed to be rich socialite, Fanny Sieh’s (薛芷倫) oldest son, Justin Ma (馬桂烽). His father’s family are owners of the Tai Sang Bank corporation and has an estimated worth of 10 billion HKD. Not only is Justin wealthy, but he is also 10 years younger than Scarlett Wong, who is turning 37 this year. The two were recently seen wearing matching couple outfits and taking the High Speed Rail.

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Scarlett Wong's Boyfriend, Justin Ma,  Finally Revealed
Scarlett Wong’s boyfriend, Justin Ma, second to the right

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Last November, Justin Ma even branched out on his own and started his own company called “Charge-Spot,” which is an international power bank sharing service. Aside from his family, Scarlett Wong was also in attendance at the conference with her younger sister. However, no one knew of their relationship at the time. Apple Daily tried to reach Scarlett Wong today, but she has not responded to the reports.

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When Apple Daily reached out to Fanny Sieh, she responded, “I will not respond to this matter.” When asked if she has met Scarlett Wong yet, she says, “No comment.”

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As for Jacqueline Wong, she told Oriental Daily News, “I didn’t hear that she was getting married. But his background doesn’t matter as long as he treats my sister well.” On whether Scarlett Wong will be a ten billion HKD daughter in law, Jacqueline Wong responds, “I won’t respond to this. His wealth doesn’t concern me. The two of them being happy is all that matters.”

Credit: Apple Daily,, Linna Huynh IG, Scarlett Wong IG

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